Pig Pens

Setting up a pig pen is one of the most important aspects for raising pigs. A good pig pen is crucial to raising pigs and if you don't have a good pen, your pigs could hurt themselves or catch a disease. Here are some steps on how to create the perfect pen for your pigs so they live a happy and healthy life as well as being able to be feed and cared for easily:

Step 1
Pick a flat area to set up your pen. You will need a site that has good drainage since standing water and mud can attract insects that can bite the pig. Many pig pens are built with concrete slabs to make them easier to clean.

Step 2
Build a small house in your area to protect the pigs in case of bad weather. Pigs are very sensitive to changes in weather. Always have a place where your pigs can stay warm and dry.

Step 3
Build a fence that is at least 4 feet high. Pigs can jump high and run quickly if they are motivated enough. You don't want them escaping if they get startled or scared.

Step 4
Separate areas of the pen. Pigs are organized animals and keep separate areas for eating, sleeping, playing, and going to the toilet. Based on where they choose to do these things, organize where you put the shelter, food, and water.

Step 5
Put plenty of straw in the pen. Put extra in the area where the pigs sleep and relieve themselves. It helps capture the odor and waste from your pigs making the pen easier to clean. It also gives them a good and comfortable place to rest.

Don't forget to build your pig pen with sturdy materials. Pigs like to dig and run around. If your pen is not strong, the pigs will destroy it easily. If you follow these steps, you will be able to build a great pig pen for your pigs! Put the same effort into building a pig pen as you would do if you built your own house. All things need a good space to live in and pigs are no exception.


  1. I think it would be even better if the size of pig pens (per metre square) for each class of pigs could also be included ( indoors and outdoors)

  2. That's a nice picture of some cute looking pigs; still, must be tough work to take care of them.

  3. what kind of pigs are thoes?

  4. Are first time mothers not hungry 3 days later and what happens if there are dead babies still inside.

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  6. our neighbor behind us has a hog that was wild as a baby he has it in the back yard and he never cleans the pen nor gives it water or clean this is very disterbing to me as too me it is crule my sister bought dog food and gives the pig food and water I have show dogs c an my dogs catch anything from the pig