Can You Have a Pet Pig?

Many people would never consider owning a pig but a lot of people own them as pets. They are charming animals who do make fun pets and are not the dirty animals like people believe. Pigs do take a lot of work to care for but a pig can make an interesting and much adored addition to the home. They are very fun and love to play but require lots of care and attention.

Keeping any animal will have both good and bad parts to it. The same is true for pigs. There are many good qualities to owning a pig. They are affectionate, curious, playful, and can be easily trained. Pig owners consider their pet pig an essential part of the family and involve them in all their activities just like a dog or a cat. However, there are some negative sides that people should know before they buy a pig.

Pigs are very intelligent creatures and can be easily trained like a dog. However, this intellect can make them a bit of a handful too. They are playful and curious but also headstrong and sensitive. Without sufficient stimulation, they will become easily bored, lethargic and very often destructive as well.

Pigs love to eat and are relentless in their desire to find and eat food. Pigs can open fridges and cupboards if they smell something to eat. They have an uncanny knack to beg for food, most of the times demanding more and may even get aggressive with kids having food. They also tend to dig and root for food with their snouts and in the process may overturn items in the house including the trash can and can disrupt the landscaping as well. Rooting comes on instinctively and to keep the pigs from messing the house and landscape, an area of soft dirt should be provided in the yard so that pigs can satiate their rooting needs.

Moreover, unless made quite clear that the humans in the house are in power, pigs can exhibit a form of dominance aggression. Pigs need to be taught respect for their owners by setting certain rules and boundaries in a gentle but firm manner. Pigs, like children, respond well to positive reinforcement like a treat or praise. Setting consistent rules and regulations, praising obedient behavior, and guiding them with a lot of patience and integrity will produce a well behaved pig that will eventually bond with its family.

Be sure to give your pig regular access to the outdoors and provide them with a lot of things to do as they are very social animals. For potential owners with appropriate expectations, a pig will make for a rewarding, entertaining and a much loved pet. Pigs are best for people who have a lot of outdoor space for pigs to roam around in. They are not great indoor pets. However, they are great pets to own if you have the space to have one.